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Welcome to UK Quarry Diving i – Starting with Vobster

‘Vobster Skills Days’ are designed to assist new divers, and divers new to the UK, to practice SCUBA Diving skills in cool water, sometimes with poor visibility, but without currents, tides, and waves to contend with.
The ‘new ‘ diver will be given a full briefing on the site, the facilities and features both above and below the waterline.

Vobster offers, on the surface:

  • Warm changing rooms.
  • Toilet facilities.
  • Fresh, hot food and drinks.
  • Gas fills to 232 Bar – air and Nitrox mixes.
  • Rental facilities if you forget part of your kit.
  • Good parking near the water’s edge on weekdays, can be reserved at weekends.(Vobster Members Only).

Vobster offers, under water:

  • A wide selection of wrecks – including boats and aeroplanes –  at depths from 11m to 25m.
  • A mixture of bottom compositions.
  • Training platforms at various depths.
  • A maximum depth of 34m.

The standard plan for the Introduction Day is 2 dives, commencing with a full Briefing at the Vobster Map Board:

  • Dive 1 – Part 1 – Giant stride entry from the kitting up area. A surface swim to Buoy 6 East, descent to the Yacht Joaquin 2, a tour of the wreck (depth approx 18m) , checking for any diver snags (sharp edges, loose railings) and entry points. At this time a Gas Volume check will be required before moving on.
  • Dive 1 – Part 2 – If Gas Levels permit, we move on to the Deck Housing (under buoy 3), and then back across the lake to the Tunnel Entrance (under buoy 14), and then up the Road to the exit point. Safety Stop at 5m. Expected duration 30 minutes.
  • Surface. – 1 minute for the last 5m. Exit the water by the ‘ramp’
  • Surface Interval of 1 hour for Debrief, gas refills, and hot drinks (as required)
  • Dive 2 – Part 1 - Giant stride entry from the kitting up area. A surface swim to Buoy 14, descent to the Tunnel Entrance, swim to the Ford Escort XR3, swim on to the aircraft sections, swimming through the more open section, swim on to the Glider Trailer and the wreck Constance Rose (donated by the Seahorse Dive Club). Gas check. Most of this dive is at 11m.
  • Dive 2 – Part 2- Return from the Constance Rose on the outer edge of the shelf and road. Safety Stop at 5m. (May be on road or a platform depending on Gas Status.)
  • Surface. – 1 minute for the last 5m. Exit the water by the ‘ramp’
  • Debrief, and decision on Dive 3, depending on conditions. Surface Interval of 1 hour or commence packing.
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